This Week in the Box: Recap of Films 11-20

charltonhestonHaving now completed 2/5 of the task of watching all 50 films in this box set project, it’s time for another recap. You can find the retrospective on the first ten films here.

We’ll start off the same way, which is listing all 10 films from this batch in the order in which I prefer them, best to worst. Continue reading

Guide to Selecting New TV Shows

Best-New-Comedies-Fall-TV-2014This week, a lot of TV shows are premiering so this is the perfect time to discuss how to choose which new shows to watch. This isn’t going to be a listing of the new shows coming up (TV Guide has a list of those) or a recommendation for specific shows to try. I don’t have access to the shows ahead of time so I’d only be making recommendations off of promos and other people’s reviews.

Instead, I recommend that you just try a show that looks interesting to you and give it at least three episodes to find its place before you make a decision unless you absolutely hate the first episode. Even if I hate the first one, I’ll at least try the second episode but I will bail on it before finishing if it’s obvious that the problems that I had with the first episode are going to remain part of the show.

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The Wire Watchalong: Season 2, Episodes 9 and 10

The_Wire_Season_2Welcome to the Inanimate Blog watchalong for The Wire. Every week all summer we’ll be watching two episodes and posting our thoughts. We’re not recapping each episode in detail; that’s what Wikipedia is for. This week is Season 2, Episodes 9 and 10.


Sam: That stupid duck. I told them last write-up that the duck shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. I hate that The Wire is so realistic. No fairytale endings for ducks in this show.

Emily: In a lesser show, we wouldn’t have even seen the duck ever again, nevermind showing that actions have consequences.

Sam: That’s exactly it. The duck died because of course the duck died. Ducks die if you give them alcohol. And in this show, we have to deal with it.

Emily: This episode was all about things reaching their most logical conclusion. You put McNulty in a room with two prostitutes and people are going to get naked. Continue reading

You Should Be Watching Arrow

arrow_season_2_posterThis is the inaugural post in our You Should Be… series. We’ll be using it to make occasional recommendations on pop culture properties that we think you should be reading, watching, or listening to.

You should be watching Arrow. This CW adaptation of the DC Comics’s Green Arrow has become a captivating action show with a well-developed ensemble cast that entertains from week to week.

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