Edge of Tomorrow (template)

Edge_of_Tomorrow_PosterTemplate time! Movies get template reviews when I don’t have the time or energy or concern about writing them something longer. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them (but sometimes it does). Template reviews contain no spoilers. If no link appears to a longer review around this sentence, I haven’t written one. 

Name: Edge of Tomorrow, or, occasionally, Live Die Repeat. It’s a strange thing.

Year of Release: 2014

Basic blurb: Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt do remarkably smart blockbuster scifi.

Is there anything of note about the characters?
They are good! They are, like, real people! I know, madness. Emily Blunt is a badass and that’s awesome to see, and Tom Cruise, as many people said at the time but sorry I only saw it just now, really plays on his overly charming persona well. Man, when he smiles, you get what people mean when they say someone has a 1000-watt smile. It is a weapon to be wielded carefully. And, get this, there is even character development! And Emily Blunt’s upper arms/shoulders! Which, okay, don’t develop, but damn. Every time she does the plank into up-dog (yoga terms, people) it was amazing all over again. I want to be that strong.

Is there anything of note about the plot?
It is also good! It’s much smarter than your average, generic summer blockbuster! It’s a good premise and they don’t do anything dumb with it. The action, when it happens, is good. And while there is action, it’s a story interspersed with action instead of the unfortunate trend of pretty mindless action interspersed with tidbits of story.

Is there anything else that needs a particular comment?
…no…? Pretty much this is just the characters and the plot. I remember nothing of note about the music, score, or how it looked other than “like a movie.”

Does this movie pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test?
No, I don’t think so, because I only remember one female character with a name. But the movie is really just Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and it’s actually quite good in the strong female lead way (and not insufferable in a Look At Our Strong Female Lead way).

Who is this movie appropriate for?
Anyone who would watch your average summer blockbuster.

Is this movie worth watching?
Emphatically yes. Good, smart, fun. I had heard from approximately 35,000 people that it was really good, and even with the hype I was still entirely satisfied.

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