Shame List Challenge: First Month Update

After the first month of the Shame List Challenge, I have seen a perfect 16 movies (we set a limit of 4 movies per week to prevent cramming, seriously underestimating the insanity of the competitors, myself included). So far it’s me with 16, Ashlee with 16, and Alistair with…9. The battle rages on.

Here are the 16 I’ve seen, ranked in order of current preference:

1 Bonnie and Clyde
2 Full Metal Jacket
3 Halloween
4 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
5 Silence of the Lambs
6 Drop Dead Gorgeous
7 Touch of Evil
8 Network
9 Caddyshack
10 Night of the Living Dead
11 Primer
12 Saving Private Ryan
13 Rain Man
14 Night of the Hunter
15 Badlands
16 The Searchers

I have at the time of this posting managed to write about exactly one of them, but you know what, nothing got written at all for like half a year, so be grateful for what you get. Or something.

Touch of Evil

touchofevilNo, I’m not breaking new ground writing about the modern cinema canon. But darn it, I haven’t seen these movies, and now I am, so I’m writing about them. And maybe you haven’t seen them either! And maybe you should! (or maybe you shouldn’t! Read the review to find out!).

This is part of a the Shame List Challenge: for details, follow this here link. Continue reading

Shame List Challenge

shame-on-youSo I was challenged to come up with my official Shame List, which is to say, the 100 movies (in this case) that I am the most ashamed/chagrined/resigned to have never actually seen. And then the project is that from June 14-September 13, 2016 (because that’s when I’m writing this), it is a challenge between me and two of my friends to see as many as we can on each of our lists. The winner is showered in honor and glory and also the two losers have to buy them a nice DVD/Blu-ray of the movies of their choice.

Here is my list, as of June 14th, 2016, to be updated as I see movies and actually, just maybe, write about them: Continue reading