The Wire Watchalong: Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2


Welcome to the Inanimate Blog watchalong for The Wire. Every week we’ll be watching two episodes and posting our thoughts. We’re not recapping each episode in detail; that’s what Wikipedia is for. This week is Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2.

Sam: Second Third season, same as the first! That’s how that goes, right? It sure feels more like season 1 than season 2, since the goal is the same. At least, the goal at the beginning of season 3 is the goal at the end of season 1, which leads me to believe maybe the goal will shift in season 3. Anyway, new characters! I feel like if this were any other show, you’d be concerned you missed an episode with how new characters are just there. They’re not even introduced in the episode, you’re just supposed to roll with it. Which is par for the course, as we know… Continue reading