Netflix is Trying to Kill Me

unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-ban3I’m pretty sure that Netflix is trying to kill me. They’ve released four full seasons of TV shows that appeal to me in less than two months. They’re making my TV watching schedule next to impossible. I already barely have time for all of the broadcast and cable shows I want to watch. How am I supposed to squeeze in another 6 to 13 hours in a weekend?

The answer is, I haven’t been able to. Gone are the days of the first seasons of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black where I could start them on a Friday after work and finish them by Sunday afternoon. I require more sleep than I used to even a couple of years ago and I’m trying to be more convincing as a responsible adult. I’m still finishing the shows in less than a week after their initial release dates so that responsibility is very much a work in progress.
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To Binge Watch or Not to Binge Watch?

houseofcardsThis Friday, Netflix will be dumping all 13 episodes of House of Cards season 2. Last year, I watched all of season 1 over two or three days. I can remember the basic arc of the season but I’d be hard pressed to come up with details without some prompting. In the age of streaming availability where binge watching is easily possible it’s also just as easy to spread a season of TV out over several days or weeks.

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