Top 10 TV Shows of 2014


Now that 2014 is over, I’ve given some thought to my top 10 TV shows of last year. I’m certainly leaving something out and this might not even be the order that they should be in but I did make a list of TV shows that I liked an awful lot this year.

Other shows that didn’t quite make my top 10 but were still excellent in 2014 are ArrowBlack-ishBob’s BurgersBrooklyn Nine-NineThe Colbert ReportThe FallThe FlashThe FostersHannibalOrphan Black, and Veep.
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New Fall 2014 TV Shows: Midseason Report

janethevirginIn September, I decided that I was going to try 18 new shows this fall. In fact, I tried 19 shows. USA’s Benched managed to sneak up on me with its October 28th premiere date. Now that most TV shows are on midseason hiatus, it’s time to assess the relative success of these shows.

I’m completely sold on five shows and I’m still watching an additional five shows with some trepidation. That’s a pretty good success rate for a slate of new shows that seemed less than promising.

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