2014 Emmy Predictions: Comedy

ORANGEComedy! Finally a genre with multiple shows and categories that I care about. Will Orange is the New Black take down Modern Family? Or any other show? Seriously, the Emmy voters heard that Modern Family was edge during its first season and haven’t gotten over that since. Julia Louis-Dreyfus did win best actress in a comedy last year and the show has gotten far fewer nominations this year than it did in years past so maybe they’ve finally clued in and have started to take notice of other shows.
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Snowpiercer: The Original Graphic Novel

snowpiercer_vol_1_the_escape_coverNote: the following post contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer graphic novel as well as the film. Proceed at your own risk. This blurb is safe, real spoilers after the jump.

As you all know, I loved Snowpiercer to death. So much so that I decided to actually- gasp- read the source material. Here, for your edification, is a breakdown of the book vs. the movie.

A Complete List of Similarities in Snowpiercer, Book and Movie:

  1. There’s a train.
  2. There’s a stratified class system.
  3. All of humanity lives on the train and everything else is cold.

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2014 Emmy Predictions: Miniseries and Movies

1400693634000-XXX-NORMAL-HEART-jy-4915-cropToday we will be covering miniseries and movies, one of the more interesting Emmy genres. In 2011, all of the miniseries and movie categories were smashed together because there wasn’t enough competition for them to remain separate. Then FX decided that since American Horror Story was going to tell a different story each season that it could compete as a miniseries and the television academy agreed. I had come around on this but then HBO decided that even though True Detective runs on the same model that it was strong enough to compete as a drama.

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2014 Emmy Predictions: Variety and Reality

mel-brooks-spaceballs-2Throughout the week, I will be providing Emmy predictions, leading up to the award ceremony on Monday, August 25, on NBC. Today, we’ll be starting with the areas that I know almost nothing about: Variety and Reality. I’ll be presenting even more wild speculation than I will be when I predict the results in the other genres.

Most of the awards for variety and reality were given out at Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmys so there aren’t too many categories to go through. For each category, I will make a prediction for who or what will win and for who or what I think should win.
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Emmys, Shmemmys: The 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

masters-of-sex-50The 2014 Creative Arts Emmys, often referred to as the Shmemmys, were held this past Saturday. Many of the awards are in technical fields but it’s also when they clear out the smaller, less exciting awards that they don’t want eating up valuable broadcast time when the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards air on Monday, August 25.

Because they often involve glamorous celebrities, the guest actor awards  and reality show host category often get the most attention. Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black) and Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live) won Outstanding Guest Actress and Actor in a Comedy Series while Allison Janney (Masters of Sex and Joe Morton (Scandal) won for drama.
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Emmy Nominations: Mostly Boring But Yay, True Dectective and Where’s Tatiana Maslaney?

true-detective-harrelson-mcconaughey-610x348 I’m mostly happy with this year’s Emmy nominations. The problem with that is that that means that the Emmy nominations are really boring this year. The nominations I was really pulling for that didn’t happen would have been major surprises so I can brush off most of my upset. I have some minor quibbles over some nominations that I would have liked to see over others but there is only one missing nomination that I am truly upset over.

Tatiana Maslaney (Orphan Black) deserves an Emmy and she didn’t even get a nomination. In fact, if Emmys were awarded by roles played instead of by the performer, you could make an argument for her being eligible for Outstanding Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, and Guest Actress in a Drama. Not only that, but Orphan Black received zero nominations. Not for writing, casting, directing, or anything technical and that show pulls off amazing feats in each episode. It’s things like this that make me wonder if the Emmy voters even watch TV. I would have gladly given up Michelle Dockery’s (Downton Abbey) nomination for Maslaney. For that matter, Kerry Washington (Scandal) could be traded out for Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) who didn’t have a particularly outstanding season but is still good. I really want to see Mad Men get an acting Emmy one of these years and I’d be thrilled if Moss was the one to win it.

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The Tony Awards Are The Best Awards Show

tonyI’m probably being more than a little hyperbolic but I truly believe that the Tony awards are the best awards show. You have a bunch of people who are used to performing live on stage performing live on stage. No brainer. You could argue that the Grammys have a similar advantage but the difference is that the Grammys opt to give out a lot of their awards in a pre-show ceremony or during commercial breaks. They’re pretty much a glorified concert at this point. The Tony awards strike a good balance between an entertaining show and handing out awards. Plus, they can do things like this.

Now, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t hosting this year but Hugh Jackman is and he’s proven that he is also quite capable of putting on a great show. Plus, Harris will still be there because he’s currently starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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