The Fall 2014 Shows Emily is Going to Try


As I said yesterday, I do not plan to make recommendations for which new shows to watch this fall TV season. I will, however, share which shows I plan to try. These are not recommendations. Watch these shows at your own risk. A to Z (NBC) A romantic comedy starring Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) and Ben Feldman (Mad Men). They’re both adorable. I have no other reason for why I am going to watch this show.

The Affair (Showtime) An investigation of the psychological effects of infidelity on two marriages. Ruth Wilson (Luther) and Dominic West (The Wire) get into some sexytimes while Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and Maura Tierney (ER) are the poor spouses who have to put up with them.

Bad Judge (NBC) Kate Walsh (Private Practice) stars as a successful judge with a messy personal life. It’s a comedy and Walsh’s turn on Fargo reminded me that she can be pretty funny in the right part.

Black-ish (ABC) This actually looks like it might be horrible but Larry Wilmore is one of its producers and I love Larry Willmore. I might end up bailing on this after an episode or two if it ends up being as bad as it seems like it is.

Constantine (NBC) On the one hand, DC Comics seems to have their television game together much more than their movies. I love Arrow and I’m totally excited for The Flash and Gotham. On the other hand, they’re willfully ignoring the fact that Constantine is bisexual in the comics. Not cool, NBC. Bisexual erasure is not cool.

Cristela (ABC) Cristela Alonzo plays a law student who frequently gets mistaken for the help at the firm that she is interning at. As a concept, it’s half promising. It’s nice that a Hispanic woman gets to play a role that isn’t a maid or a menial laborer so it all depends on how they play the “mistaken for the help” part of the premise. I like what I’ve seen of Alonzo’s stand up so I’m cautiously optimistic.

The Flash (CW) This is a spin-off of Arrow and I love me some Arrow. They really didn’t have to work hard to convince me that I should watch this show. Forever (ABC) Ioan Gruffudd (Ringer) plays an immortal medical examiner. This is probably a typical procedural. It’s most likely inoffensive at best but every once in awhile a procedural can surprise me by how much I like it (ElementaryThe Good Wife) and sometimes my brain just needs a nice procedural to occupy my time with.

Gotham (Fox) I’ve said more than once just how much I’m excited for this show. Sure, Gotham City without Batman might actually be boring but Ben McKenzie (The OCSouthland) and Donal Logue (Terriers) as cops is totally a thing to look forward to. Gracepoint (Fox) I’ve seen Broadchurch, the British show that this is pretty much a direct copy of. They swear that they’ve changed the ending, though, so I’ll give it a try. It’s a short-run series, I’m happy that I get to see Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) on my TV again and maybe David Tennant’s (Doctor Who) American accent will improve over the run of the series. OK, it probably won’t.

How to Get Away With Murder (ABC) It’s a Shonda Rhimes show that promises to be as cracktastic as Scandal and it stars the amazing Viola Davis (The Help).

Jane the Virgin (CW) This show seems incredibly whacky. Somehow a virgin goes to the gynecologist and is accidentally artificially inseminated with a cancer survivor/her new boss’s semen. I need to see where they go with this nonsense. It will probably end up being more heartwarming than whacky but I hold out hope for some entertaining craziness that I can fold laundry to.

Madam Secretary (CBS) It’s totally not a thinly veiled Hillary Clinton, you guys! It’s totally Tea Leoni as a thinly-veild Hillary Clinton. That’s not a horrible premise for a TV show.

Marry Me Ken Marino (Childrens Hospital) and Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) are a couple who keep trying to get engaged but can’t get the proposal right. It’s written by David Caspe, creator of Happy Endings, so I’m hoping that this show can fill the hole in my life created by that show’s cancellation.

Mulaney (Fox) When NBC turned Mulaney down last year, there was outrage. John Mulaney (Saturday Night Live) is a great writer and comic so his show had to be funny, right? Right? It looks like a bad modern-day Seinfeld but I really do love John Mulaney and he co-wrote all of Bill Hader’s Stefon appearances so I feel like I owe him something for that. Maybe my lowered expectations will allow me to give the show a chance so that it can figure itself out. I really hope that that’s the case.

Red Band Society (Fox) It’s a drama that takes place in the children’s ward of a hospital. It looks cheesy as hell but this is going to be the last season of Parenthood so I need a new show that can reliably make me cry. Make me weep, Red Band Society.

Scorpion (CBS) Tech nerds solving problems. Sure, why not. Like I said about Forever, CBS procedurals are mostly inoffensive fluff.

Selfie (ABC) Word is that the pilot of this is awful but it has signs that it can improve and maybe rise above its atrocious title/premise (see also: Cougar Town). It’s a modern day Pygmalion, a story that has probably been done far too often. Also, Karen Gillan’s  (Doctor Who) American accent is not that great. Dear TV producers, just let people use their natural accents, especially when that accent is Scottish. I love a good Scottish accent.


  1. I will be joining you with “Gracepoint” and “A to Z” most likely, but man oh man, do I wish I had Showtime… I looooooove Ruth Wilson, in anything, all the time (best Jane Eyre adaptation ever) and Dominic West isn’t half bad either.

    I hate-watched the “Jane the Virgin” trailer the other day and was surprisingly less meh than I thought I would be by the end of it. It seems like it might be okay-ish? But they’re going to have a dickens of a time promoting it. Pushing the telenovela angle hard may be their only shot.

    • It’s going to be weird watching Dominic West in two prestige dramas at the same time. Sam and I still have three seasons of The Wire to watch and we won’t be done with it until sometime in January.

      Jane the Virgin could surprise me. It actually feels more like what ABC Family has been doing lately than the CW (ABCF’s recent Chasing Life was also adapted from a telenovela) and it’s interesting to see them go with something like this when they’ve been leaning more towards genre shows. Of all of their other shows, it feels like it would actually pair best with Hart of Dixie but that’s not coming back until later.

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