Emmys, Shmemmys: The 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

masters-of-sex-50The 2014 Creative Arts Emmys, often referred to as the Shmemmys, were held this past Saturday. Many of the awards are in technical fields but it’s also when they clear out the smaller, less exciting awards that they don’t want eating up valuable broadcast time when the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards air on Monday, August 25.

Because they often involve glamorous celebrities, the guest actor awards  and reality show host category often get the most attention. Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black) and Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live) won Outstanding Guest Actress and Actor in a Comedy Series while Allison Janney (Masters of Sex and Joe Morton (Scandal) won for drama.

The guest actor wins were fine. Fallon hosted an excellent episode of SNL and Joe Morton certainly chewed the scenery as was required of him on Scandal. These wins don’t excite me like the guest actress wins, though. Both guest actress wins were perfect. Janney was heartbreaking as a woman who loved her husband but was fed up with the repression of a marriage with no sexual attraction. Aduba absolutely commits to her character and is funny while also giving us a heartbreaking view of how the American prison system is often used as a stopgap measure in our failing mental health system.

uzo-aduba-natasha-lyonne-laverne-cox-creative-arts-emmysThere was some confusion over the fact that three Orange is the New Black guest actress nominations were for women who are now part of the regular cast. The reason for this was that both seasons of Orange is the New Black were released after the eligibility cutoff date so all 2014 nominations for the show are for its first season. FX went for the opposite strategy by airing two episodes of Louie per week during the most recent season in order to get all of the episodes in before the cutoff date.

Jane Lynch won for best reality show host for Hollywood Game Night. I like Hollywood Game Night and I like Lynch on it but Cat Deeley deserves to win for hosting So You Think You Can Dance one of these years. She should get extra points for overcoming a degree of difficulty since SYTYCD is live.

A show that did seem to get recognized for what its crew pulls off live each week is Saturday Night Live. In addition to Jimmy Fallon’s guest actor win, they also took home four more awards to bring them to the top of the 2014 Emmy tally so far with five. COSMOS: A SpaceTime OdysseyGame of ThronesSherlock: His Last Vow, and True Detective are not far behind with 4 a piece. HBO is currently winning among the networks with 15 wins. NBC has 10, PBS has 8, Fox and Netflix each have 7, CBS has 6, and ABC has 5. Poor CW is the only major broadcast network with no wins and since both of their nominations were in technical categories, they will get none this year.

Now that I’ve gotten the fancy categories taken care of and I’ve addressed the statistics of it all, it’s time for some song and dance! Tabitha and Napoleon Duomo won for their work on last year’s So You Think You Can Dance. Technically, they won for three routines but they really won for their fantastic top 20 show opener, “Puttin’ on the Ritz”.

I always think it’s weird when other awards shows win Emmys but I am totally fine with Tom Kitt and Lin-Manuel Miranda winning for their 67th Annual Tony Awards openner “Bigger!”

I will take any excuse to post a video of Neil Patrick Harris singing and dancing, even if it’s something that I’ve posted before.

Follow this link for a full list of the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy winners. I will be back later this week to make predictions for the remaining awards.

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