Top Five Films of 2014 So Far

The_Lego_Movie_posterNow that six (well, seven) of the months of 2014 have elapsed, let’s do a quick recap of what was awesome so far this year. Most notably so far, I haven’t seen Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which sounds completely awesome and is delighting critics left and right.

5) The Lego Movie. I don’t completely understand why The Lego Movie, which feels eerily similar in tone, color, and spirit to Wreck-It Ralph has been heralded as ZOMG the GREATEST THING when Ralph came and went (though the fact that it has Lego in the title probably helps). But that confusion aside, The Lego Movie is exactly as cheerful and fun as you’ve heard it is.

4) Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson’s most Wes-Andersonian effort to date. It’s jam-packed with plot, layering framing device upon framing device, and has some surprisingly dark touches every once in a while. You likely already know if you’re going to like it if you’ve ever liked another Wes Anderson movie, so if you have, and you haven’t seen it, get on that already.

3) Under the Skin. This is such a weird movie. It’s screechy and odd and deeply unpleasant sometimes while also being slow and repetitive. I know, you’re thinking that that sounds great, but wait until I tell you that there’s also never any exposition and the dog dies. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will. (No, really, it is a good movie. It’s just a very, very acquired taste).

2) Cheap Thrills. A fun, bonkers, pitch black comedy. The best midnight movie to come out this year, for my money.

1) Snowpiercer. Number one with a bullet. I loved this movie so much I wrote about it twice, both with and without spoilers. It’s inventive, it’s dark, it’s interesting. It’s charismatic. It draws you in with its weird premise and keeps you there with the amazing set and costume design. It holds your attention because you can’t know how it’s going to end until it does. Snowpiercer is not only the best film of the year so far, it’s one of the best of the decade.

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