Programming Note for August 2014

This Week in the Box

As you may have noticed, it’s April 23rd. At least, that’s what it must be, because the last post for the This Week in the Box series is from April 16th, and clearly Sam would never let the project fall that far behind. Obviously.

Sam has seen more movies than that, but was behind even before a spontaneous move of apartments in July. The series is not done, it will all come out okay in the end, honest, but we ask that you continue to be patient while she gets her act together.

The Wire

Speaking of that spontaneous move within Chicago in the month of July… we still owe you the writeup of the last three episodes of the first season of The Wire, but that one does have a timetable we can report. This weekend, August 2-3, that post will appear, and we’ll start season two that week. We will be back to the schedule of two episodes a week for the month of August as planned. See you there!

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