Graphic Novel Novice: The Walking Dead Issue 8

The Walking Dead Issue 8 CoverEditorial Note: Due to the unintentional abandonment of this series, there will be two or three Graphic Novel Novice posts per week until the series is back on schedule.

The whole group now knows that Lori is pregnant which drives their need to find suitable shelter as quickly as possible. They find an abandoned housing development that seems perfect. Or it would be if the entire place wasn’t occupied by walkers.

After Lori announces her pregnancy to the group, Dale brings up the very real possibility that Shane could be the father. I appreciate the way that Rick handles this possibility in the book and the show. His wife is going to have a baby in a very dangerous situation. The child’s paternity is so far down the list of things that he has time to be concerned about. Also, she thought that he was dead. While Lori’s relationship with Shane was much deeper than she’s let Rick believe that it was, it’s not true infidelity. That line is even more clear in the comics than it was in the show because Shane died so much sooner in the comic than he did on the show.

Andrea and Dale sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. In all seriousness, though, good for them. While he’s old enough to be her father, in the apocalypse you grab on to whatever works for you. They’re two consenting adults.

In the end, it looks like the group has settled into a great situation. Housing, canned foods, and extra blankets for all! Quick dispatch of the basement walkers! Of course, that would be boring so we get the snow falling off of the ominous sign in the end that says “ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER”. Uh oh! Some business is going to go down in the next issues!

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