I Was Wrong About Fargo

220px-FargoI had a major problem with the movie Fargo. I saw it as a teenager and I didn’t even finish it. As a central Minnesota native, I couldn’t get over the accents. Some people who lived in Fargo or Brainerd might sound like that but not people who lived in the Twin Cities and especially not young women who went to suburban high schools. I didn’t get it.

I am here today to admit that I was horribly wrong. Fargo is brilliant. The accents were clearly supposed to be a stylized parody. The plot is perfect, the dark comedy speaks to me. I suspected that I would be wrong because I like all of the other Coen Brothers movies that I like and even love.

I was wrong.

I watched the movie Fargo in anticipation of the 10 episode TV series that premieres on Tuesday, April 15, on FX. Despite my previous dislike of the movie Fargo, the cast and my enjoyment of other Coen Brothers movies like Inside Llewyn Davis and The Big Lebowski had me on board for this show before I saw one second of it. The show stars Martin Freeman, Colin Hanks, Bob Odenkirk, Keegan Michael Key, and Jordan Peele among other people whom I’m sure will be awesome but who weren’t the reason why I got excited for this show.

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