Veronica Mars

Veronica_Mars_Film_Poster The Veronica Mars movie was epic. Lives ruined, bloodshed. About the only thing it didn’t do was span continents. It lets us spend 107 minutes with old friends who we haven’t seen for eight years and wish we were as clever as they are.

The plot is solid, more than just a reason to gather together the familiar cast of characters. The real heart of the movie, though, is the snappy dialogue. Keith and Veronica especially still maintain their excellent rapport. The maturity really shows in the fact that Logan’s girlfriend was murdered and we’re never supposed to think that he might have done it. During the show’s run, if Logan was accused of murder then we and Veronica were always supposed to believe that he might have done it.

Besides the returning cast, there are a few new faces to added to the movie. Jerry O’Connell is especially suited to playing the new Sheriff Lamb and Dan Lamb is even more corrupt than his little brother Don was. Gaby Hoffman (Now and ThenGirls) also makes a great turn in a key role.

For people unfamiliar with the series, some of the jokes and references may go over your head but I think there is enough information for the movie to make sense and there’s still plenty to enjoy. For people who have seen every episode, the exposition isn’t heavy handed and there’s just the right amount to remind you of things you may have forgotten since the last time you watched the show.

Recommended. Highly Recommended if you’re a fan of the show.

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