Graphic Novel Novice: The Walking Dead Issue 6

walkingdead6Through no actual planning, issue 6 is the last issue of The Walking Dead volume 1. This will be the last issue I read for awhile because the TV series comes back tonight and I don’t feel like keeping track of the two storylines at the same time. The Graphic Novel Novice series will still be around, though. I won’t cover another comic issue-by-issue again but I will try out some other series.

The group buries Amy and they’re caring for Jim after he got bitten. Jim requests that they take him away from the group so that he won’t be able to hurt them once he turns.

carl-shooting-shane-walking-dead-477x360While getting ready for a hunting trip, Rick and Shane finally get into the fight that has been brewing. Shane punches Rick so Lori punches Shane. Rick and Shane move away from the group as they continue to fight. Shane points his gun at Rick but before he can fire, Carl shoots him in the neck. This is totally different from the book! Shane lives for much longer and while Carl witnesses Shane’s death, it’s Rick who kills him. It’s almost a shame to leave the series at this point just as I’m really excited by what’s happening. I don’t get how people could only read one issue per month. One a week has been weird timing.

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