Graphic Novel Novice: The Walking Dead Issue 5

5 A few weeks have passed and many members of the group have been taking target practice with cans a ways away from the camp, with Andrea showing particular proficiency. Rick has decided that Carl is going to learn how to shoot even though Lori is less than thrilled with the idea of her seven year-old child carrying a gun. Carl appears to be a decent shop and Rick enlists the help of everyone else in the group to let him know if they ever see Carl treat the gun like a toy or go to take it out of his holster in a non-emergency situation.

Later, Rick, Shane, and Dale are out gathering firewood when Rick mentions that it’s starting to get cold out. Shane snaps back that he knows it’s getting cold but he’s still adamantly against moving the camp to a location further away from Atlanta. There are definite signs of a power struggle brewing.

That night, the group is gathered around a campfire eating dinner and telling stories of what they were doing before the walkers showed up. Amy goes to get more napkins from the camper when a walker attacks and bites her. More walkers come but fortunately most of the group is now armed. Lori sees Carl shoot one of the walkers. Andrea doesn’t want her sister to come back as a walker so she is able to bring herself to shoot Amy in the head. After the attack is over, it appears that Jim has been bitten.

The action picked up quite a bit in this issue. Now that we’ve gotten to know the characters, even their interactions in the quieter moments feel like they’re going somewhere. Until this issue, the comic felt like it was moving much more slowly than the TV show did at this point. By already having most of the camp trained in firearms and by having Andrea shoot Amy in the head almost immediately after she was bitten, the comic got through some plot points that were drawn out over several episodes of the show.

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