Graphic Novel Novice: The Walking Dead Issue 4

Walking Dead Issue 4 CoverIn this issue, we get the first disagreement between Rick and Shane, Rick and Glenn almost outsmarted the walkers while going further into Atlanta than usual to gather guns and ammunition, and Lori and Shane got up to a little something while they thought that Rick was dead.

Rick approaches Shane while he’s on watch and tells him that the group should move further away from the city. Shane disagrees, saying that if the government begins to recover that they’re going to save the cities first. Rick acquiesces but wants to train everyone in firearm use and arm them in the case of further walker attacks.

Rick talks Glenn into going further into the city he would normally go on his daily supply run in order to obtain guns. They disguise their scent by cutting off a hand from a walker that’s stuck in the woods. At first, the plan seems fool proof. The walkers growl at them but they don’t follow. They find a shopping cart on the way to the gun shop and fill it up with weapons and ammo. As they leave the gun shop, it begins to rain and the scent of the walker that they rubbed over themselves washes off. They’re attacked and Rick is bit on his clothed shoulder. Fortunately, the bite didn’t break his skin and he and Glenn make it out unharmed. Rick asks Glenn to not tell Lori how close they came to being bit.

Back at camp, Shane tries to cheer Lori up, telling her that Rick and Glenn will be back before she knows it. He offers to “keep her company” while her husband is away. Lori tells him that he has to stop it now that Rick is back and that  the one night they spent together while on the road to Atlanta was a mistake. Uh oh, not all troubles come from the walkers!

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