Announcing the Veronica Mars Watchalong

Veronica Mars with a cameraIf you watch one episode of Veronica Mars per day starting tomorrow, Thursday, January 8, you would reach the series finale on Thursday, March 13, the day before the movie premiere. Challenge accepted!

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be working my way through all three seasons of Veronica Mars at the pace of an episode per day. Each Friday, there will be a post on the previous week’s episodes. The first post will be on Friday, January 17, and will cover eight episodes and every subsequent post will be on a Friday and cover the seven episodes I watched in the week leading up to it. I promise, this totally works out. The last post will be on Friday, March 14, where we can celebrate the end of the watchalong and squee about the opening of the movie. Let’s do this, marshmallows! The schedule follows.

January 9 to January 16: Watch S01E01 through S01E08
January 17: Post on S01E01 through S01E08 is published
January 17 to January 23: Watch S01E09 through S01E15
January 24: Post on S01E09 to S01E15 through published
January 24 to January 30: Watch S01E16 through S01E22
January 31: Post on S01E16 through S01E22 is published
January 31 to February 6: Watch S02E01 through S02E07
February 7: Post on S02E01 through S02E07 is published
February 7 to February 13: Watch S02E08 through S02E14
February 14: Post on S02E08 through S02E14 is published
February 14 to February 20: Watch S02E15 through S02E21
February 21: Post on S02E15 through S02E21 is published
February 21 to February 27: Watch S02E22 through S03E06
February 28: Post on S02E22 through S03E06 is published
February 28 to March 6: Watch S03E07 through S03E13
March 7: Post on S03E07 through S03E13 is published
March 7 to March 13: Watch S03E14 through S03E20
March 14: Post on S03E14 through S03E20 is published and THE MOVIE OPENS!

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