Welcome to the Inanimate Blog!

Hi! We’re Sam and Emily, and welcome to our new pop culture blog! Now we will introduce ourselves and the blog, presented in a fun Q and A format.

Q. Why are you doing a Q and A format?

A. Because Sam likes to type to herself in a Q and A format. Don’t worry, her posts won’t be more than half the content on this blog, you can skip right over them if you hate them.

Q. Why are you starting a blog?

A. Because we think have interesting things to say on various pieces of pop culture and this is a great format to do that.

Q. How often are you going to post? I don’t have time to read all your stuff. I only like you so much.

A. We understand. We hope to post consistently enough to keep you interested and not so much we drive you insane.

Q. I loved the site back when it was all pink and blue. Why is it different?

A. We have no idea what we’re going. Please bear with us through our initial (and continuing) growing pains and be warned that things might change wildly from day to day (or minute to minute) as we change everything from the colors to our editorial tone.

Q. How can I complain to you when you get something TOTALLY WRONG?

A. Comments are enabled, but we reserve the right to moderate those. We also have a gmail account set up at inanimateblog@gmail.com  and twitter @InanimateBlog.

Q. Why exactly is the username on this post inanimateblogblog?

A. Because we needed an administrative type account and we thought it was amusing.

Q. Who’s going to do what?

A. Emily will be covering primarily TV and Sam will be covering primarily movies, with some sports thrown in. We’ll both cover whatever other miscellaneous pop culture we see fit to cover.

Q. Sounds good!

A. We think so.


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